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attractions in Rome

attractions in Rome

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Rome is not only monuments and palaces that one wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world: in every side street and square all over the city you can find characteristic restaurants and places where it is easy to participate in Roman night life. Every kind of theatre and performances of all kinds that you will find hard to forget. Rome can be considered a destination for “global” tourism for culture and entertainment thanks to the realization of theme parks.

Theatres, Music and Dance in Rome?

There are numerous shows in Rome. Theatres are often crowded and concerts sold-out. All through the year every kind of show enriches the Roman evenings. The most important that come to mind are the Opera House, Brancaccio Theatre and the Sistine Theatre, but no less important are the Olympic Theatre, Eliseo Theatre and Parioli Theatre.

Comedies are never missing from the Rome theatres, they are appreciated by the Romans themselves and tourists from the rest of Italy. The numerous cabaret can be enjoyed any time.

Music at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.
The Rome Auditorium is a multifunctional complex dedicated to music, this contributes to enrich the already immense patrimony of the Eternal City.

Current events in Rome?

Keep informed the website of Rome City Council with the main current events.

Rome with a baby?

Discover attractions made to measure

  • Rainbow Magicland

The amusement park of Rome – Valmontone, is waiting for you with attractions, shows and magic for all.
You can put yourself to the test on the roll-coasters while your children are in Harry Potter’s famous school for magicians, on the Winx planet or all together enjoy a great adventure on the Flying Dutchman ghost ship of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Not to forget the little ones there is the Realm of the Youngsters with Playground and Magicland and suitable attractions. Inside the park there are
Dining places (also for celiacs), boutiques and toilets.
The park is open all the year.
€ 35,00 adults (Special price MyApArtsuite € 28,00) € 28,00 children.

  • Zoomarine

The Zoomarine waits for you at Torvaianica to live great emotions together with friendly animals from the sea world such as dolphins and pinnipeds. There are the shows of divers and pirates, get back to the prehistoric age with the dinosaurs, but also have fun on the water slides in the great aquapark there. Inside the park there are dining places, picnic areas, toilets, games for children and boutiques.
The park is open from March to October.
€ 27,00 adults (Reduced price € 24,00)
€ 25,00 children

  • Fondazione Bioparco di Roma

Founded in 1908, in Villa Borghese, in the heart of Rome, the biopark is a scientific educational and cultural structure that follows the mission of education, conservation and research, a valid contribution for the safeguard of animal species in danger of extinction.
Here you can admire the valley of the bears, the house of the giraffes, the village of the chimpanzees, lions, tigers and Asian elephants, the reptile house and for the very small, the oasis of the lake with its farm.
Inside there is a dining area, toilets and boutiques.
Prices: Open all year, tickets can be bought on-line o through lottomatica (without having to queue) and are valid for 2 months.
€ 14,00 adults € 12,00 reduced (for height over 1mt – up to the age of 12)

  • Explora

Explora is in the center of Rome, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo and is a museum made for children, with games and interactive exhibits which allow them to understand facts, realities and things that adults face every day.
Prices: € 7,00 adults and children over the age of 3 € 3,00 reduced (from 1-3 years)

  • Treja Adventure

At Mezzano Romano, just outside Rome, there is the largest adventure park of Lazio situated in a thick wooded area of great naturalistic value.
Here, in respect of nature young and old, in absolute safety, can have fun on paths suspended from the trees, made up of walkways, suspension bridges, lianas and pulleys.
Inside there is a picnic area, archery and toilets.
€ 12,00 adult week days – € 18,00 adult Sundays and holidays
€ 12,00 reduced week days (height between 1-1.35mt.) € 16,00 reduced Sundays and holidays (height over 1.35mt)


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