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About us & Mission

MyApARTsuite is a lodging structure located in Rome. Luxury apartments: a tribute to the culture of Trastevere, the beating heart of Rome. MyApARTsuite is part of a broader project linked to the brand MyNAME.

MyNAME is a new business idea following the principles of honesty, seriousness, responsibility and abnegation which have always distinguished us. Product and process innovation has always been essential, in our business culture. Thanks to it, over the past 55 years of activity, we have been able to cope with the challenges that the changing market introduced. We have also turned these challenges into a competitive advantage which we can now summarize in two concepts: adaptability and creativity. MyNAME brand works within the branches of tourism and event management.

Originality, identity, search for beauty, elegance, style and culture.
Art, in all its forms of expression, is a source of inspiration, the inner essence of the deep communication we want to establish.

These values make it possible for those who approach the world of MyNAME to live an experience that is unique of its kind

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Night, Afternoon, Morning and Evening. They are parts of the day. Combining the first letters we get “NAME”.
“My” is the way to express the concept of identity: my name (our name, your name, his/their name).

We started from the concept of time. It isn’t by chance: time & identity are the most important wealth for the people and history. We believe we offer something more than simple services! We apply the MyNAME Brand in every service provided.

MyNAME is care, history, personality, identity in every detail of your stay, event, service. You can experience it yourself get the best.

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